LYNC 2013客户端已经集成在office 2013安装包

今天要测试LYNC,只找到lync 2010的客户端,但手机上已经有2013,按道理应该有2013的客户端,经搜索后发现,原来lync 2013的客户端已经集成在office 2013里面。

so 我本机已经安装了,不用到处找。

Hi RamuIZKing,

Lync 2013 introduces a different approach to client deployment. In a departure from previous releases, Lync 2013 no longer has its own installer. Instead, Lync is included with the Office 2013 setup program. To deploy Lync 2013 to your users, you can use Office 2013 installation methods and customization tools.

For detailed information:

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.