IMPORTANT: Any customized license assignments that you have made for specific users will not be preserved when you switch plans. You may want to make note of these customizations before you switch plans so that you can recreate them afterwards.


When you finish checking out, we will start switching your plan. Switching plans can take up to an hour. 等一个钟
While your plan is being switched:
Admins will not be able to use the Office 365 portal.
There will be no interruption to your service.
Users on your existing subscription will be automatically moved to the new subscription.
The billing on your existing subscription will be turned off once you submit your order and the billing on your new subscription will not start until the switch is complete.
You will get a prorated credit for any unused service on your current subscription. You will see the credit on the next billing cycle of your current subscription.
Your plan will not be switched until your invoice credit is verified. While your credit is being verified, admins can't add new subscriptions. Credit verification can take up to two weeks.
IMPORTANT: If you switch from an Office 365 Small Business plan to any Office 365 Midsize or Office 365 Enterprise plan, you can't switch back to your previous subscription.
If you want to use another one of your custom domains for your Office 365 public website address, change the address before you switch from a Small Business plan to an Enterprise plan. If you want to change it to another domain later, you might need to some extra steps.